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SEYAL means "ACTION" and the name says it all. Our journey begins with a vision "Be the change! Make a change" as we strongly believe CHANGE is the only constant.

Every individual, a business entity or a NON-PROFIT organization will have a story to say about their journey. Our journey started on 22nd December 2012 with a big warning bell rang sharply into our ears deeply when the TSUNAMI hit the shores very badly across the world and the recent hit being the GAJA in the delta regions of TAMILNADU. Our direct relief work for a week in the field with so many unknown fellow humans taught us most valuable lesson in our life "HUMANITY IS STILL ALIVE" and it’s only some lack of responsibility and our individual goals have taken a different direction which makes us really worrisome as the changes doesn’t seem positive is where SEYAL TRUST felt its high time to step in and is ready to commit itself to create a positive change.

What we do

When we visited the village of farmers during GAJA cyclone we did see that they not only lost their livelihoods but also their homes. Seyal trust primary objective is to build at least 100 ECO-FRIENDLY hybrid homes starting from KEELAIUR of NAGAPATTINAM DISTRICT. Many independent small farmers are still going through a huge irreparable loss. Our team did extensive research and realized that building ECO-FRIENDLY hybrid homes is one of the most essential needs for these farmers to resurrect their lost life. Our team of architects have designed a house with a measurement of 333 square feet. The cost for one single house we have budgeted at 250,000 INR. We are reaching out to our fellow humans to ask us whatever the questions you may have to cross-check our activities and the genuineness involved in this effort. We have started this journey not just out of courtesy or sympathy but to make the fellow humans understand it's high time to take responsibility by lending support hands within their comfort zone to preserve the remaining nature and our farmers. Every single rupee received for this cause will be invested at 100% for the upliftment of these farmer’s lives. The more the support we get, the bigger the change we can make together. It's not just a day’s work. It’s a long tiring journey and we are looking for more unconditional support and love from fellow humans. Let us unite and create a change for a better future as FARMING is the backbone of India and its time to spread the positivity through ACTIONS.

Want to make a change

SEYAL trust is highly committed with the path we want to create and it’s certainly not a one day work. We are an open to ALL participative driven NON-PROFIT organization. Change can never be made by an individual. If you are someone looking for a starting point to MAKE A CHANGE please lend us your supporting hand. SEYAL trust is very clear with the invite we send out to fellow humans. It’s not easy for everyone to come out of their comfort zone and step onto the field. Everyone understands that as a team we can make a big change as it involves a well-mannered process. If you are one among those with social thoughts and very serious in making a change never have a second thought to be part of our initiative. To make this project successful we need more hands.

Contribute for a change

Contribution to make a change does not mean you have be to physically present. A society is a dynamically built complex structure with individual thoughts. Every individual has a self-belief and are contributing for a change in someone’s life one way or the other. SEYAL asks our supporters to figure out in what way they can donate and contribute for a change by staying within their comfort zone. Even a small amount donated for a change is most welcome to move forward.

Every amount received as a donation is completely used for constructing houses for the farmers across the delta region. SEYAL trust believes in transparency and is open to questions in terms of the work we have committed ourselves to BE THE CHANGE and MAKE A CHANGE.

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